About Us

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Our Trainings

We design and conduct trainings for Personal and Business growth, Entrepreneurship, Personal brand, Leadership, Motivation

Our Projects

Over 12 years we work in the ERASMUS+ program designing and implementing different educational projects in the field of Adult education and Youth.

Our Services

Our team of certified experienced coaches, consultants and mentors offer high quality services in Life and Business areas.

Our story

E-business Academy is a private educational and consulting organisation specializing in adult education in the field of entrepreneurship, e-business and e-marketing, as well as life, executive and business coaching, career guidance. In our work we use innovative psychological and coaching instruments like Mindfulness, Neurographica®, Neurodesign etc. We also place a special focus on the emotional intelligence and developing the imagination. These tools support the development of trainees imagination and creative and out-of-the-box way of thinking.

Our main goal is to help people, and especially business owners and managers, realize and develop their full potential and present it to the world through interactive digital tools. In order to achieve our goal we organize events, trainings and workshops where we present the existing opportunities and motivate our trainees to go further and get the knowledge they need. Afterwards we equip our trainees with the knowledge needed and support them on their way in building new businesses, life or career change, etc.
Our experts employ a widely recognized skills and competencies in vocational and adult training, project management and realization, psychology, life and business coaching, business trainings. They have years of experience in the field of ICT, digital learning, online marketing, organization of trainings, coaching and mentoring.
In 2013 our team created the project “The small e-business – successful and effective” which focuses on improving the internet presence and the use of digital tools for small companies, self-employed people and individuals. 7 years later, thanks to the voluntary work of our colleagues from different companies and educational institutions, the initiative is still alive and empowers more and more people to get familiar with state of the art digital tools, IoT, coding etc.