Personal Brand Development for all


According to Cedefop, the European job market has a skills mismatch problem. Employers confront difficulties in recruiting people with the skills they need, and job seekers struggle to find a job relative to their knowledge and skills. One of its surveys highlighted that this results from job seekers’ poor career choices, which can be an outcome of someone’s difficulty in defining the job market suitable for them. In addition to this, unemployment levels in the EU remain high, while it is estimated that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment will rise among all age groups. As a result of the unemployment rates and the skills mismatch, the labor market has become very competitive, and job seekers face difficulties finding a job and differentiating themselves from competitors in the labor market.


The project aims to assist adults searching for a job or in need of a new one, by providing them with the necessary skills to build and maintain their personal brand. Personal Brand is the combination of a person’s knowledge, skills and experience. It also comprises the core of someone’s identity and exists online and offline, It is a useful tool that can assist adults in finding their values, defining their specialization, boosting their confidence and finally present their own story. Most importantly, it will not only assist them in differentiating themselves in the labor market and landing their dream job but it will also be a vital element for managing their professional development.


PBRAND4ALL will create an online interactive tool, that will offer learners personalized training pathways. Learners after determining their personal characteristics will follow the personalized learning content, which will provide them with the skills needed in order to establish their personal brand and reach the right market. The proposed learning material will be based on the learners’ key traits (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism), and thus it will be secured that learners will successfully complete the training material, learn things important to them and achieve their goals.