Media Literacy for Parents


Although Media Literacy education has been developed during the last years, it usually directed at young people and doesn’t often address the needs of parents, who are responsible for supporting their children’s media literacy. Parents in particular can help their children to develop a moderate use and a healthy behavior regarding internet usage and to recognize the existing dangers that they may face online. Nevertheless, in EU-28 only a small number of initiatives which aim at parents have been developed so that still many parents have only limited knowledge in media usage and feel insecure or unable to support their children.


MeLi Parents aims to resolve the policy gap regarding the limited media literacy initiatives targeting parents, by creating a training programme and supporting tools for media literacy education addressed specifically to them, with the aim to enhance their skills and knowledge on media usage. The training program will in particular assist them, in acquiring some technical knowledge on how to use digital media and be engaged in their children’s online activity.


The innovation of MeLi Parents lies in the creation of new training material and tools on media literacy specifically meant to empower parents. The modules to be created will be based on research carried out in partners’ countries, addressing in this way real problems that parents confront. The training material will be delivered through a web app in the form of activities and interactive resources. The app will send notifications to parents through email/ SMS, providing them with recourses and activities to enable parents to practice alone or with their children media literacy, while at the same allowing them to evaluate the training content.